Why RMA?

RMA’s services work to your advantage whether you are a new or a seasoned investor. Maybe you have managed the property on your own and are ready to let go of the responsibility. Perhaps your current management company has not lived up to your expectations. The staff at RMA will work hard to eliminate problems and prevent new ones from occurring. We are passionate about what we do! There is nothing we enjoy more than working hard to turn a disappointing investment into a high performing asset.

Here are some of the services we excel at that set us apart:

  • Enhancing your property for optimum appeal within your budget
  • Maximizing occupancy by marketing to and attracting quality tenants
  • Increasing tenant satisfaction in order to improve retention
  • Decreasing expenses through the use of cost conscious management and in house expertise
  • Effective communication with Clients and Tenants
  • 24 hour maintenance call service - tenants can access a live person for maintenance emergencies 24 hours day.
  • Renters insurance - RMA can now offer tenants built in renters insurance that is very affordable.
  • Online payments with cash using rent money - Tenants can make online posted payments by using cash at select locations.
  • Air filter program - Tenants can have air filters shipped to them quarterly eliminating the need to go to the store and purchase.
  • Property Evaluations and Planning - Let us use our experience to evaluate your property and make recommendations for any improvements. We can also give you a good idea of what to expect with your rental property.
  • Comparative Market Analysis - We have managed hundreds of different properties over the years, and we keep a good eye on the local rental market. Let us evaluate your property to be sure that it is listed at the correct rate. The right price helps to ensure that it both rents quickly and the tenant stays there.
  • Effective and Sufficient Advertising - RMA has signs and advertising all over Griffin, as well as vacancy lists and flyers that are handed out on a daily basis. We can also syndicate our listings on popular rental websites such as Hotpads, Trulia & Rentals.com. All of our available properties are searchable on our website as well.
  • Professional Lease Contracts - Our contracts are written by and certified for you by the Georgia Association of Realtors (GAR)
  • Improved Tenant Relations - Tenants love that we have a local office that is staffed Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00. We also have a 24 hour payment drop box to allow maximum payment convenience
  • Experience in handling Tenant Delinquency Issues - If an eviction becomes necessary, we can handle the whole process from start to finish. We can even handle a garnishment if possible to recoup lost rent and/or damages.
  • Reduced Repair Costs - Since we have a high volume of work that we handle across all our properties, our vendors give us cost breaks on the work they do for us. We are able to pass these savings on to you.
  • Facilitation of all Routine Maintenance - We can schedule routine inspections, air filter changes, etc... at your request for a small fee.
  • Emergency Services/24 Hour Contact - We maintain a 24 contact for any emergencies
  • Real Time Online Account Access - Our online based PROPERTYWARE software solution give our owners real time access to their information via their own private login.
  • *Real Time Notifications - Our software automatically notifies owners when a new work order is created, when a rent payment is received, when a new lease is created, etc... We keep you informed!
  • Monthly Financial Reports - We are able to provide you with detailed financial reports on a monthly or bi-monthly bases in a variety of formats.
  • Security Deposit Management - We maintain the security deposit on file in a legal trust account monitored by the State of Georgia and the Georgia Real Estate Commission.
  • GA State Law Compliance - We comply with all local and state regulations concerning rental property and its management
  • Pricing - RMA can customize our management solution to individual client needs, and pricing varies based on services rendered. Contact us to discuss your portfolio and obtain a quote.